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Glass Recycling Made Simple – “It All Starts At The Source” TM



Commercial: Bars & Restaurants

From neighborhood bars, to large resorts and venues, GlassKing provides a simple approach to implement glass recycling programs for any size business. Contact us to find out how to get your first 2 months free!

Industrial: Manufacturers & Distributors

Creating effective solutions to manage glass waste generated by manufacturers, distributors, and installers throughout Arizona. Learn how GlassKing helps maximize diversion efforts to save money on disposal costs and improve sustainable practices within the workplace.




“Don’t Trash Glass” Initiative

Join the movement – Start recycling your glass and keep it out of Arizona landfills.

Click image below “Keep Arizona Beautiful” for more info on a glass recycling program in your area!

Program Overview

  • Reduced Trash (Cost Savings) – Diverting glass from the waste stream reduces trash volume and weight and may reduce trash pickup costs.
  • Increased Safety – A glass diversion system can reduce the potential for dangerous glass disposal accidents.
  • Full-Service Program – GlassKing supplies all resources to capture the glass and works directly with staff to create a simple, effective program that is easy to implement and maintain.
  • Metrics – Monthly reports detail how much glass each business is diverting; data can be used to promote the impact to customers.
  • Marketing Support – Participating venues will receive promotional/educational tools to help them educate their customers about the impact of taking this important sustainability step. They will be a part of a branded, identifiable community that their customers want to support.